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This is PARTY techno festival-peace operation-

”THIS IS PARTY” I want people who couldn't come to know that this kind of party took place, and feel happy.We host this event to let the 3ed party happy.This party is aimed to let deaf people enjoy themselves with there eyes through the linked virtual image and the vibrations of sounds.Anyone can enjoy. Everyone can enjoy. I wanted this event to be that way.

Weather you could hear or not, from the point of having fun, it doesn't matter. And I'd like to keep asking this question to parties. In order to seek the answer, I organized "THIS IS PARTY2016".

See you at the next party.

THIS IS PARTY -Peace Operation by 4on the floor,Techno Festival- 2016.9.9(FRI)@Triangle 3F. Osaka,Japan. OPEN 22:00 ADV or iflyer:1600yen(with1D) DOOR:2100yen(with1D) ☆Foreigner:FREE!!!

DJs Hmen (4-Beat Entertainment/BS)

Takekiyo Ishimoto (Rooftop Bar OO,

HiGHmeR (RastafeRecordz, bonpsycrew,

KA4U (MIDI_sai,

kuchikuchi (kuchikuchi,Atsushi Kawai,Kazuyatanaka)

SHIN5 ( green jam,


ASATO (Syncilow,

MILK BRO.(MTD/Chopstick Mind)

VJ;NYC Production Movie:Mac(TOLiVR) PHOTO;ヒトミンジャー (TOLiVR,

Food Stand:茶の間法陀, Highmer Coffee

art work: 河村 忠裕 (Tadahiro Kawamura)

Party,Dance music,Club cultureに置いて重要な方々をDJに迎え、シンプルに良質なTechnoで踊り明かす祭りです。

concept;Peace Operation.(平和活動) PARTY=楽しい事 楽しむという事は、1人1人が平和の心をつかむきっかけになり、また、より強く再確認するきっかけになるものだと確信しました。 PARTYは、やはり最強の平和活動であり、本物の平和活動です。 人類はPARTYという最高の発明をしています。 Don't stop PARTY!! 私達は、なんの見返りも無いのに子供を産み、育て、未来に繋げていきます。この『無償の愛』のようにPARTYを次の世代に繋げていこうと思いました。 だから私達は -THIS IS PARTY- を開催します。

未来はまぶしいぐらい明るい! だから私は、私達はDon't stop PARTY!!!!!と叫びます。Hey! Scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Party Concept:Peace Operation

This is Party Peace Operation by 4 On The Floor, Techno Festival Welcoming important DJs of “Dance Music” , “Club Culture” and “Partying”, this “Matsuri” event is simply about dancing though the night with Techno music. PARTY= To Have Fun Enjoying means each one of us being an opportunity for others to find peace in their mind. And also to be the trigger to once again realize the happiness of enjoying. “PARTY” is the most powerful and real peace movement in action. The greatest invention by mankind; “PARTY”. Don’t stop Partying!! We give birth to children, raise them, feed them and love them unconditionally, connecting them to the future. I wish this party will be like this unconditional love which links to the next generation, and that is the reason why I started this “PARTY” movement. The future is so dazzling bright! So, we raise our voices and scream “ Don’t stop PARTYING!!!! Hey! Scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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